GR Rando - yearly subscription

19.99 €


Hike on and around the Walloon GR trails (Great Hiking Trails in Wallonia - Belgium).

This annual subscription gives you access to over 450 hikes from the GR topoguides!

The following topoguide hikes are available:
  • RB: Loop hikes
  • RF: Family hikes
  • GG: From station to station
as well as other hiking ideas (IR) based on one or more GR trails.

New feature: This subscription also allows you to display the entire network of Walloon GR trails on the map.

Choose a hike based on its tourist interest, length, difficulty, and elevation, and let the application guide you!

The application offers a map background with the hike's route. There is no additional description of the trail, but the GPS integrated into your device will guide you and notify you if you stray from the path. Throughout the hike, the application will offer cultural and tourist information, etc.

The data can be downloaded in advance, so a continuous data connection is not required. The device's GPS function must be enabled during the hike.

Main features

  • Download of OpenStreetMap map backgrounds, hiking routes, and associated content.
  • Automatically triggered points of interest; the text can be read with speech synthesis.
  • Alarm in case of deviation from the selected route.
  • Option to activate vocal guidance at major direction changes.
  • Real-time distance, difficulty, duration, and elevation of the hikes.
  • Localization of your position using GPS.
Warning: The texts in this catalog are only available in French.